Adobe Analytics + Tableau

Bring your Adobe Analytics data safely into Tableau in 3 easy
steps without ever leaving the app

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How it works

Access the Catalyst Connector for free and authorize your Adobe Analytics credentials to access your data in no time.

Step 1

Open Tableau
(2019.4 and later)

Step 2

Open the web data connector link in Tableau

Step 3

Select your Adobe Analytics data

What makes our product different


Focused on Data Security by using cutting-edge technology that allows data to be imported straight to users’ computers.

Easy to use

Friendly UI for a great user experience, point and click installation, brings your Adobe Analytics data in Tableau without ever leaving the app.


Affordable or even free technology as our main goal is improving lives and adding value. By being creative with our solution, rather than throwing money at it, not only are we helping to preserve energy, we’re also eliminating expenses related to servers and APIs costs that would be passed on to our users.