The safest and easiest way
to access your Adobe Analytics
data in Tableau

Import all your Adobe Analytics Data in Tableau and generate
insightful reports in a few simple steps, without ever leaving the app

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Easy to access and friendly to use

Our tool is the only connector that runs 100% on your local machine, giving you full control of your data.

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For an accelerated and seamless experience, use the Daexus Catalyst Connector online app


Get your data in Tableau in no time with our online app: the Daexus ironclad security just one click away. Experience the ease and convenience of cloud: data imports without the need of installing anything.


To access the free online app, simply open the web data connector link in Tableau.
Login with your Daexus credentials to access the premium features.


Adobe Analytics Connector for Tableau

Safe from any prying eyes

The Catalyst Connector brings Adobe Analytics data directly to your computer. Unlike with other products, the data does not flow through third party servers. Your data is for your eyes and your eyes only so we’re making sure it stays this way.

No rush, no pressure

The Catalyst Connector is free to use for as long as you want! We want you to be able to focus on getting insights from the data rather than wasting time figuring how to retrieve it.

Immediate FREE access &
straightforward navigation

No download, installation or sign-up needed.
Experience the ease and convenience of cloud: data imports without the need of installing anything.

No price on peace of mind

Free or as little as $24.99 for extra features.

How do we keep our prices so competitive?
We made it our mission to be actively conscious about our product's resource consumption. To maximize efficiency, we took a frugal approach and decided against using any external servers that process data.

Ironclad Security

We don't save your data, we don’t touch your data...we can’t even see your data.

Rest assured, we apply a strict HANDS OFF policy when it comes to data, as our tool imports it from Adobe Analytics straight to your computer. More so, since the Catalyst connector runs entirely on your computer it minimizes the chances of any unauthorized access.

Sky’s the limit
(unlimited data imports)

We don't believe in limiting the amount of data, not even for the free version which includes:

- Easy access to Adobe Analytics
- Ability to extract data from multiple accounts
- User friendly experience
- Email support

Premium features


Whether you need to refresh your data sources or other dashboards, no need to type in your Adobe Analytics credentials.


By using rolling dates your dashboards are always ready to provide the most relevant data.


Always have up-to-date data by scheduling automatic refreshes in Tableau Server.


Manage users, licenses, credentials or even host the app on your own dedicated server.

If you want to go
into all the details...

- Data Preview
- Different granularity options (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, etc.)
- Date Expressions*

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How it works

Access the Catalyst Connector for free and authorize your Adobe Analytics credentials to access your data in no time.

Step 1

Open Tableau

Step 2

Open the web data connector link in Tableau

Step 3

Select your Adobe Analytics data

Uncompromised security.
Extra convenient!


While the Daexus Catalyst Online app is hosted on our own servers, your requested data still doesn’t flow through any external servers, not even ours.


If you’re into the technical details:

  1. Tableau loads the Daexus Catalyst Connector from the web
  2. Tableau makes a request to the Adobe Analytics API to retrieve the requested data.
  3. The requested data is brought directly to the user’s computer in Tableau


(and nowhere in between)

All this to say that even if the app is hosted online, the data only flows between Adobe Analytics and your computer (no other server involved).

Have your cake and eat it too! Use either versions (or both) at no extra cost.

When purchasing a plan, premium access to both app types (desktop and web) is included.

Choose the best option that works for you without the added pressure of making a decision.

FeaturesDaexus Catalyst - Desktop appDaexus Catalyst - Online app
App runs without downloadNoYes
Data Imports without local appNoYes
Supports hosting on client’s own serversYesNo
SecureYesYes (we wouldn’t have it any other way)
Free VersionAlwaysAlways
Supports Premium FeaturesYesYes

We’ve got your back

Reach out to our dedicated support team if you need help; use the chat box at the bottom of the screen or send us an email at [email protected]
We’ll try to get back to you soon as we can!

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Adobe Analytics Catalyst Connector



  • Highly secure with a focus on privacy
  • Custom dates
  • No sign up required
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Access to unlimited Adobe Analytics accounts
  • Email support



  • Date expressions & rolling dates
  • Saved credentials
  • Highly secure with a focus on privacy
  • Custom dates
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Access to unlimited Adobe Analytics accounts
  • Email support



  • Tableau Server support
  • Email and chat support
  • Hosts app on separate or remote server
  • Date expressions & rolling dates
  • Saved credentials
  • Custom dates
  • Unlimited data imports
  • Access to unlimited Adobe Analytics accounts